AI powered digital tailor for retailers

Clothing size recommendations using 2 photos and the height of your customers.

Your customer has to...

01. Take a full sized front photo.

02. Take a full sized side photo.

03. Upload the images and enter height.


We calculate body measurements with over 95% accuracy and make clothing size recommendations based on your products.

Problems we solve


Size Me Up Solutions


30–50% of clothes purchased online are returned.

Size Me Up Solutions

Reduce your return from 5–10% in the first 6 months.


Satisfaction drops by 40% if a product is returned.

Size Me Up Solutions

Increase your NPS by 5–10% in the first 6 months.


10–15% of potential clothing retail customers don’t shop online due to fit related concerns.

Size Me Up Solutions

Increase your conversion by 3–5% in the first 6 months.

Our vision is to help retailers optimise every single aspect of their supply chain through our core technology and enable smarter decision making through data insight.

Your journey begins

Day 1
  • Provide fit recommendations to your customers
  • Identify early adopters
  • Understand actual size vs. perceived size

Our Target

5%-10% reduction in returns

Increase Trustpilot score by 0.5

3%-5% increase in conversion

3%-5% increased revenue per customer

Phase 2 (6–12 months)
  • Inform you about your most/least returned products
  • Insight into customer shopping history and purchase vs. recommendation

Our Target

Up to 5% reduction in inventory

Up to 5% reduction in resold products

Increase profit margin

Increase NPS for online shoppers

Phase 3 (12–18 months)
  • Integrate social media
  • Share returns feedback
  • Enable product push notification

Our Target

Up to 3% increase in units per transaction

Up to 5% increase in sales per selected product category

Our Product

1. We offer SaaS application that can be integrated with your website.

2. Transaction based pricing determined by your size and traffic.

3. Enable your customers to create a measurements profile and receive an automated recommendation for each of your products.

4. We provide additional help with support, integration, consulting, etc.


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