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What happens when I run over my monthly transactions?
If you go over your limit, we will charge you £1 per transaction rather than automatically switch to the higher package or stop the service. You can set notifications to manage your limit and upgrade to a higher package any time.
What happens with my customers’ photos?
If your customer decides that they want to share their photos with you, they will be stored in your secure admin panel. Else, the photos are deleted. Sharing the photos has been quite useful for some of our made-to-measure clients.
How do you use my customers’ data?
We use your customers’ data to produce accurate measurements and to make improvements of the service, but we don’t share the data with anybody else. We are fully GDPR compliant and we take privacy very seriously.
How accurate is your technology?
Our technology is over 96% accurate across 9 different body measurements. We constantly strive to improve accuracy to 99%.
What devices does your technology work on?
We can operate on any mobile device or a tablet without affecting the accuracy of results. Our solution ensures that your customers can use our technology when shopping on a mobile or a desktop device.
Can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription any time without having to pay any additional fees or charges.